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Everybody loses there kite board at some time or another. The likelihood of getting it back if you don't have your contact details on it are slim to none.

Its quite funny here is South Africa. Most of the dealers tell me that they sell lots of Boardtags to customers together with there second board or bar that they have left on the beach or lost at sea.

Boardtag is a stylish dome label, that is 100% waterproof, super simple to attach to your board with a 100% replacement guarantee.

Simply write your personal contact details inside the waterproof area, attach the tag to your board and thats it your board is tagged with your name, number, and emergency number.

Most kite boards are lost on the water are normally found by other water users, sea rescue or the coast guard. These people are more than likely to call you if they find your board. And return your expensive equipment.

Boardtag is a very simple patented device to identifying your board, simply attach it to your kite board or a surf board.

Use it, or lose it!

Boardtag comes in 6 different styles and colour ways a 35mm round, in metallic black, metallic red & metallic blue, and Oval 50mm x 35mm that also comes in metallic black, metallic red & metallic blue.

Features & benefits
Waterproof, corrosion free, large ID window.Customised label.

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This what the NSRI had to say about boardtag.

Thanks Darren for promoting this - our chaps do spend hours looking for people when we find a lost or abandoned craft. If your name and number is on it we can make a quick call to see if you are safe at home - and we can also return your (expensive) equipment.

Peer pressure is a great driver - so please hound your buddies to "tag their stuff".

Meriel Bartlett, NSRI 082 994 7555 or

How to purchase a Boardtag
We use paypal, simply chose a shape and colour, click "add to cart" and make a payment, you will receive your boardtag within 3 days in South Africa, in the rest of the world it takes about 10 days.

Boardtag's are 10 Euro's delivered anywhere in the world.

If you would like to order your boardtag using Monsterpay or setcom click HERE
Get your board back
Everybody ditches their board at some point. If the currents or wind take it away then you'll wish you had put your number on it.
Don't waste the coast guard's or sea rescues time
A lost board with no identification of the owner means the rescue services can't tell if you're still out there somewhere. Don't risk it!

kite board tag


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